AK Abandoned Little Tresures Eng.


AK Abandoned Little Tresures Eng.
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English. 136 Pages. Soft Cover.

As the title suggests, Abandoned is a book that offers you detailed descriptions of how to create models of various abandoned objects. Following the concept of the best sellers Extreme Reality, we release this new super-book. The best modelers from around the world share their scratch-building, painting and extreme weathering techniques in richly illustrated step-by-step articles. Amongst the subjects covered, you will find a tank, an aircraft carrier, a WWI airplane, a sci-fi vehicle, a tractor, a building, and a few others. This book shows us how realism can be achieved in scale modeling and will be a good experience for our next projects, 136 pages of quality modelling!


Tiran 4 Tank
Broken Ambitions. Amagi, Kure Harbour, 1946
Game Over
Paper Compressor
Star Wars AT-AT
Stalinets S-65 Tractor
Rail Station