Airbrush Step By Step 68 3/23


Airbrush Step By Step 68 3/23
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Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 03/23, No. 68
Release: June 29, 2023


Paints: Skrim Watercolors
Accessories: Cricut Explore 3, Da Vinci Eye, Brush Rinser
Books: Muses, Cranial Concepts Vol. 2
Community: The Fantasy World of Airbrush

Step by Steps

Joker portrait
The key to the Joker's nasty and expressive smile are the deep shades, shiny dirty teeth, bright eyes and the play of colors created by Spanish artist María Sousa González.

Celebrity portrait
It seems that Colombian artist Edith Davila has impressively staged not only the radiant face of British actress Emilia Clarke, but also all her success and beauty.

Pin-up queen
Glamour portrait with rhinestones
Spanish artist José Luis Parada Caballero combines different materials to create the three-dimensional effect of glitter and glamour and a sensual, beautiful and somewhat extravagant portrait.

Captain America
Avengers helmet design
With numerous fire and lightning elements as well as candy color effects, Czech artist Martin Cerny spices up the Avengers hero trio around Captain America and gives the helmet an impressive overall concept.

Retro portrait on record
Italian artist Enrico Violante is painting the portrait of Debbie Harry, lead singer of the new wave band Blondie, onto a vinyl record.


Inspired by sun and water:
Marissa Oosterlee's airbrush art in Spain
Last year, well-known Dutch photorealism artist Marissa Oosterlee moved from the Netherlands to Spain. She told us in an interview how she lives and works there.

HR Giger in candy look
2008 Dodge Challenger design by Robert Ganczarski
The art of HR Giger is actually not known for bright colors. However, Polish artist Robert Ganczarski proves that this works well with his impressive Candy colors automotive painting interpretation.


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