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Airbrush Step By Step 43

Airbrush Step By Step 43


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Airbrush Step By Step 43

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Step by Steps

Demon Tank – Custom Painting
Alan Pastrana is showing you how to layout an intricate sketch in black-and-white, bringing it to life with Candy 2O colors.
Joker Show Car – Custom Painting
Malaysian Raj from Tanado Airbrush airbrushed the world’s ultimate villain, the Joker, on his Proton Wira for a car competition.
Grim Reaper’s Bride – Fantasy Illustration
Starting from his sketch book, Rod Fuchs renders a fantastic artwork in airbrush technique featuring delicate details.
Harley girl – Motor bike illustration
Brazilian artist Neimar Duarte portraits the wife of a friend sitting on a Harley bike – like she never did before.
Darth Vader T-Shirt
Spanish artist Hugo Maciel shows how he draws the character up on a simple, black T-shirt –with the aid of Photoshop, great color effects and details.
Interview – From Custom Painter to Fantasy Artist Jay Ferguson
Canadian artist Jay Ferguson started with T-Shirt airbrush at weekend markets and fairs. Nowadays, he is one of the most famous Custom Painters as well as illustrator.
The Art of Special Effects Make-up – Barney Nikolic
Barney Nikolic has been working as a special effects artist for 30 years. His work and that of his team has already earned him an Emmy nomination.
Basics – Compressors
With airbrushing, you shouldn’t focus only on the selection of airbrush and paints, but rather also on the source of air.
Accessories for all surfaces: From cakes to shoes, from skin to paper.
Readers’ Gallery
Wow! Win a ticket for the International Airbrush Days 2017!
Visiting Createx USA and celebrating Halloween in Spain
Shopping Guide
Spring time shopping
Heroes and classics
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